The Kingdom of Cats

Late Saturday night we got back from our trip to the island nation of Cyprus, where Carol had attended an astrophysics workshop, and I’d tried (with limited success) to get some writing done. If you know me, or you have followed this blog at all, you know that Carol and I travel a lot. BetweenContinue reading “The Kingdom of Cats”

The Mostly True History of Art

[Warning: If you have any respect for either art or sexual propriety (or yourself), you probably won’t want to come within the same postal code as this article. Just sayin’.] A recent visit to see antiquities at The Cyprus Museum got me thinking about ancient art in general — which led, as it necessarily must,Continue reading “The Mostly True History of Art”


Thursday, Carol and I got back from a short run down to Paris. The latest updates to my Adobe and music applications, after repeated warnings, have decided they can no longer tolerate working conditions inside my hoary Lenovo laptop; and (this being France, after all) they have decided to go on strike. So Tamsyn kindlyContinue reading “Engagement”