Schrödinger’s Cat is a finalist for Killer Nashville’s award for Best SciFi Novel of 2021.

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Heeeere’s Ronnie!

Yes, it would appear that I am back. If this is your first time on the site, you may have noticed that all the previous blog posts are rather old. Like, somewhere on the timeline from At least we’ll always have Paris to It’s been 84 years and I can still smell the fresh paint.Continue reading “Heeeere’s Ronnie!”

The Climb

If you’re the sort of person inclined to visit my webpage, you were probably as excited as I was to see the Perseverance rover absolutely stick the landing in Jezero Crater on Mars this past week. It was a feat so monumental in scale and yet so flawless in execution that it really beggars anyContinue reading “The Climb”

Twilight in the Pacific

I just finished reading Twilight of the Gods, the third book of Ian Toll’s magisterial trilogy of World War II in the Pacific. Covering the final year of the war, the massive 944 page volume is monumental in both size and achievement. This is well-tilled ground, of course. Entire libraries of books have been writtenContinue reading “Twilight in the Pacific”