Either you want to know more about me, or you clicked here by mistake.

Yorkshire Gold is the best tea. Change my mind.

Me: American Sci-Fi writer, enabler of roses, tea addict, screaming hypochondriac.

Also sometime woodworker, art historian, and frequent traveler with my extraordinary wife. Lousy French speaker who inexplicably resides in France.

And I don’t play guitar.

Check out my Instagram and Twitter, and you’re likely to see something about all the above (except guitar).

I’m also a fanatic for 20th century military history, and if you’re the same, you’ll probably find an Easter egg or two hidden in Schrödinger’s Cat. Clever you.

Want to talk about my writing? Argue MacArthur vs Nimitz? Explain to me why I should take Jeff Koons seriously? Pass along a recommendation for a new table-mounted router? I’m your huckleberry. Hit me up now on my contact page.

Maybe not in French, though.

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