Fear of Flying, part 1

(With apologies to Erica Jong.) You could say that the whole dreary business began at around elevenses on a Wednesday in the spring of 1982. Occupying the aisle seat of a DC-9, parked at the Pan Am gate of Will Rogers airport in Oklahoma City, I waited to take off on a short flight toContinue reading “Fear of Flying, part 1”


So. How’s your week been going? If you’re a regular follower of this journal, you may have noticed that this week’s edition has been a bit slow in coming. (That’s just a rhetorical flourish, of course; no one actually reads this thing on a regular basis. Not even me.) A glance at the photo aboveContinue reading “Clusterf**k”

Coordinates on the Vertical Axis (aka, Highs and Lows)

We’re roughly halfway through our Euro vacation with the extended family – mostly through the Italian leg – and a spell of stinky weather has providentially allowed me some downtime to catch up on my current travelogue. Here at the outset, then, allow me to introduce the dramatis personae for the voyage: Coordinates in theContinue reading “Coordinates on the Vertical Axis (aka, Highs and Lows)”

All Our Yesterdays

This past Sunday, Carol and I went to nearby Malestroit to catch the last day of the town’s annual Medieval Days celebration. When we lived in the US, my wife and I were big fans of medieval/Ren fairs. Unlike the States, though, which feature an unseemly dearth of thousand year old monuments, Europe is quiteContinue reading “All Our Yesterdays”