All Our Yesterdays

This past Sunday, Carol and I went to nearby Malestroit to catch the last day of the town’s annual Medieval Days celebration. When we lived in the US, my wife and I were big fans of medieval/Ren fairs. Unlike the States, though, which feature an unseemly dearth of thousand year old monuments, Europe is quiteContinue reading “All Our Yesterdays”

The Affair of the Abandoned Ukelele

Killer Nashville is over, and Schrödinger’s Cat didn’t win the SciFi category. And I don’t care. All right, I guess I care a bit. Okay, seriously, ouch. But still. I lost to a terrific book, Joss Walker’s Tomb of the Queen; and — however much of a cliché it may be — it really wasContinue reading “The Affair of the Abandoned Ukelele”